The Ultimate Relationship... and the Earth Collective

A masterclass in manifestation

This is the mantra I am using for the Earth Collective project. It is an opportunity to put into practise everything I have learned so far, including metaphysical and practical skills, plus wisdom gained from the sum total of my experience thus far, both positive and negative. Similarly, for the others who have expressed an interest in the project - everyone is exercising their own version of this to reconfigure their lives, so they can join me in the adventure, with the required funds.

Masterly manifestation may sound like a tall order but I know it’s possible. If we lock onto this notion as our default vibe and expect solutions to every situation, it will become our reality. This is because focused thought has a cause and effect relationship with the world around us (not to mention with our own biology). It is known in science. The old adage ‘be careful what you think’ works for us and against us. I have written about the art of manifestation in my book. Like anything you want to be good at, practise makes perfect and the methodology is subject to revision and refinement, based on results.

Of course, there will be minor hiccups along the way, which the Earth Collective will need to circumnavigate. But even in completely unchartered territory, I don’t envisage a major error of course. For me, the process of birthing a new project is a heady mix of vision, research and intuitive synchronicity.

Right now, I am being sychronistically drawn to people and information, which is helping me to join the dots. I feel like I am being nudged to focus on one thing or another, in a particular order. And I trust in the process. I have done many projects in the past (business, property, lifestyle and sport) where I have started with a blank sheet of paper. I have accomplished most of them, though not always to my satisfaction. But that was probably because I didn’t respect the timing. Timing is a critical part of synchronicity and when you push too hard at the wrong time, costly mistakes are made. Alternatively, when you have an idea for a project, and put it into practise at the wrong time, that too results in a less favourable outcome. A good idea sometimes needs to wait until the world around it is ready!

Looking back over the last 5 weeks, it’s clear to me that the first part of my Ireland adventure, was about looking around - getting a feel for the energy of land, the people and the culture. I also had to adapt to some differences to living in wheels here. I was soaking it all up.

The last few weeks, since gettingn into situ for the Earth Collective, have been about cycling the terrain (as explained in my last blog), and trying to understand the best approach to getting planning permission, which is a mighty big ‘rabbit hole’! This type of project hasn’t been done before in Ireland, so there are no comparables (there are probably only a handful of vaguely similar projects on the planet, for that matter). It doesn’t fit standard criteria, and I really don’t want to compromise the integrity of it, just to get it done.

Estuary with tide out, flowers and grass to the fore, ship on the water in the distance and hills beyond.
Middle Ring, West Cork

Consequently, I have spoken to the founders of the few Irish communities I could find, such as Cloughjordan and The Hollies, to learn of their experiences, albeit these projects were begun some 20-25 years ago. I have also spoken to eco-architects, biogeometry consultants, natural builders and structural engineers (the latter often submit planning applications and tend to have a good understanding of the system). I have also read documents about housing policy in the county and protected areas. What I have gleaned is extremely confusing and utterly inconsistent. Nonetheless, I am getting my head around different approaches to planning and how to put the project together, which professional to involve and when. I am not there yet (every question raises a whole load more), but I almost have as much information as I can get at this stage.

During this time, I haven’t looked at any property. The reason for this is that I wanted to avoid finding something I might fall in love with, that would be the wrong type of property, or in the wrong location, and a planning nightmare. I am trying to steer a course of least resistance, by researching first. I have a couple more locations to cycle, and a few more conversations to have. Then it will be time.

Meanwhile, you may recall that I have mentioned the importance of making the journey public (through blogs and videos – I have a shiny new video gimbal ready to go!), so others can benefit from the Earth Collective’s experience, if they are thinking along similar lines. Well, in the spirit of masterly manifestation, an exciting email dropped into my inbox yesterday about the possibility of making a TV series about the project. Wow!

In addition to all the above, there has been a fair amount of interest from people who would like to join the Earth Collective. So, I have also spent time vid-chatting. It’s lovely to hear people’s stories and find out what experience and talents they could contribute. Equally, it’s key that all parties are on the same page, and not just regards the project, but in their general outlook to life as well. In any organisation, this makes the task at hand easier and far more enjoyable.

Momentum is building. I love it when a project lifts off the page and takes on a life of its own. But I couldn't have got this far without help. I am aware of the divine helping hand that is walking the path with me, every step of the way. Huge gratitude!


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