The Ultimate Relationship... and the Earth Collective

Becoming the biggest, grandest version of yourself

In an interview with Sonia Jeantet (a personal and business transformation coach), I discuss my life-long quest to become the biggest, grandest version of myself. I share some of my survival strategies for life, including insights into dealing with change, re-framing the patterns of thinking and behaving that limit us, connecting with our instinct, asking for divine guidance and harnessing the power of thought. Based on 20 years of working with women, I also talk about women’s leadership style. And I explain a process of manifestation that works for me, and which is currently leading me towards my next venture, The Earth Collective.

To watch the video, click here.


  • All subjects included in the interview can be found, in more detail, in my book ‘The Ultimate Relationship… the one with yourself’. There are also free audio extracts on this website.
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