April 12, 2021
Active Travel

5 Simple Reasons To Start Riding An E-bike

By Jonathan Oldaker

Maybe you think they’re cheating, too heavy, or perhaps, aren’t even for ‘real’ cyclists.

E-bikes aren’t, as some would suggest, cheating. They deserve to be considered alongside other non-electric bikes and tricycles as one of the best ways to get around, exercise, and explore.

Pre-existing e-bike myths are slowly washing away with the growing tide of people discovering the benefits of going electric.

And what’s more, alongside the benefits of traditional cycling, e-bikes offer additional reasons on top of an already long list of cycling’s perks.

So here’s a simple rundown of 5 reasons why you should start riding an e-bike.


1. They’re ideal for commuting

Cycling is undoubtedly one of the best ways to travel to work. The reasons really are endless. But, that doesn’t mean it has the odd drawback.

Arriving at work drenched in sweat, not feeling fresh enough to tackle that hill, or stepping out the door and realising the headwind is likely to stop you in your tracks.

An e-bike helps solve all of these issues. The motor will take you effortlessly up most hills compared to your regular bike. Meaning you can take it easier on the commute, potentially riding to work in your best shirt knowing you’ll be ready to go.


2. You can go further and travel faster

It may seem obvious, but with the help of an electric motor you’ll be able to cover more ground in a day.

This equals longer rides and the possibility of unlocking roads normally too far from home. If you still like the challenge of riding without the motor, you can always turn it off to ‘enjoy’ a really hard climb.

Modern performance e-bikes are more than light enough to be ridden without the motor. You can instead wait until you really need it. Or just keep it on, of course.

And with the e-bike’s extra power, you’ll be able to carry more on your bike. So if you’re thinking of going touring, or want to hit that long-distance route previously out-of-reach, you can bring more snacks, clothes, or camera equipment. It’s yet another commute boosting feature, too.


3. They’re great for your health

It’s a misconception that you won’t get as fit using an e-bike. Even though you’ll be taking it slightly easier, the time you spend pedalling could in fact be even longer.

You’ll still burn the equivalent number of calories, and an e-bike will continue to build your fitness – if that’s something you’re interested in!

This is without mentioning the myriad mental health benefits, where, amongst other things, stress levels and anxiety have been shown to be positively impacted through riding a bike.


4. They represent a long-term investment

Simply put, the more you cycle to work or the shops, the more money you could be saving. Ditching the car or public transport more often means saving a few pounds on every trip you make – this quickly adds up.

The initial outlay on an e-bike can seem steep, but prices have continued to fall as technology and manufacturing have improved. E-bikes are also now available through cycle-to-work schemes, representing a great saving.

Once you’ve got the bike, they’re cheap to charge when compared to fuelling a car, and represent terrific value by mile.

Not only that, but you’ll be switching to more climate change friendly mode of transport, saving the environment as well as your wallet.


5. Let’s face it, they’re just fun

The joy of riding a bike never gets old. But riding an e-bike for the first time will bring back memories of that first time you started cycling without stabilisers.

It’s a thrill to know that you can get up more hills, go further, and still enjoy the pleasures of fast roads and winding descents.

Because while we do love the humble push bike here at Turvec, we’ve all been left cursing while cycling on relentlessly steep hills, or ploughing into 20 mph headwinds. Sometimes, an e-bike is just simply more fun.

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