September 12, 2016

Bike rack specifications

George Turvec

By George Hosegood

Toast racks

Cycle toast racks are one of the most cost effective forms of cycle parking available. They comprise of a series of Sheffield stands bolted to a fixed rail to provide a number of parking spaces from a single fixed unit.

High-density racks

There are various high-density racks available, such as the Turvec Mamba and Cobra. These racks provide clearly defined parking spots for bicycles, keeping them upright and secure in a space-saving layout.

Semi-vertical racks

Semi-vertical racks are a high capacity design that positions the bike on its rear wheel. Note that the user must lift their bicycle onto the rack, bearing the entire weight whilst doing so.

Two-tier racks

These racks double stack bikes above one another to maximise the parking capacity of an area, the ideal solution for high capacity cycle storage.

Vertical racks

Vertical bike racks position bikes hanging on a wall, these can be difficult for some cyclists to use, so alternative more accessible parking should also be considered in the same store.

Wheel holder racks

These should be avoided if possible. They offer limited security and can damage the front wheel of a bicycle as cyclists wedge them into the rack.

Bike Room Parking

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Turvec Solutions is accredited with a number of industry certifications in relation to Health and Safety, competence and security. We are registered on all major procurement websites.