September 30, 2016

Where to locate new cycle parking

George Turvec

By George Hosegood

The location of new cycle parking is just as important as the choice of product. We advise that cycle parking should be;

  • Accessible

Cycle parking facilities should be designed with cyclists in mind. For example in basement stores stair ramps should be installed to prevent cyclists struggling to carry their bikes down the stairs. If a cycle store is access controlled, how will the cyclist use their access card to enter the store when wheeling their bike? Is the door wide enough to manoeuvre a bicycle through?

  • Visible

Cycle storage is often located outdoors, around the back of buildings or down a side passage. These unmonitored areas can raise cycle security concerns as bicycles can be tampered with out of sight. Preferably position new racks in full view of windows or off a busy street, if this is not possible security lighting and cameras should be considered.

  • Covered

Ideally all cycle parking should be covered, it’s better for the longevity of bikes and a lot more appealing for cyclists when they know their bicycle will remain dry when parked! Outdoor stores should be covered with a shelter, with different options available from open sided shelters to fully enclosed weatherproof units.

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