August 04, 2016

Double stacked bike rack – which variant?

George Turvec

By George Hosegood

The Turvec 2ParkUp two-tier bike rack is available in three variants, each variant is designed to suit different environments, this ensures that we always provide the ideal double level cycle parking solution.

Front fork support

The front fork support is our most user-friendly design, it ensures that any bike is held securely upright and the rubber inserts within the fork prevent any damage or scratching to the bicycle. We recommend this system for residential developments and apartment blocks.

Rear support

The rear support two-tier rack is our most conventional design. This system holds a bicycle in place with wheel supports at the front and rear of the upper level. This system is best suited to areas with restricted space, as it is available in our most high-density format.

Clicker support

The clicker support is a double-stacking rack designed for continually busy environments such as transport hubs where cyclists may be parking bikes in a rush. The system holds a bike securely in place through the unique clicker supports, when the bicycle is pushed onto the upper level, it cannot roll back and is held securely in place.

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