What lock options are available for the cycle hangar?

What lock options are available for the cycle hangar?

There are a range of different lock options, such as digital cylinders with tags/keyfobs, or smartphone access. Get in touch with us for availability.

Do you provide subscription services for bike hangars?

No, we do not run subscription services for our cycle hangars

Does the cycle hangar come in different colours?

Yes, we can powder coat the hangar to a range of RAL colours

Do green roofs require maintenance?

shelterYes, very limited maintenance is required on a sedum roof, this will be detaild in the O&M supplied following installation. Biodiverse roofs require more proactive maintenance due to the variety of species.

What is the difference between sedum roof shelters and biodiverse green roof shelters?

Sedum roofs are sedum only, biodiverse roofs include a number of species to help boost and support biodiversity. This requires greater maintenance and structural support for biodiverse roofs.

How do shelters support green roofs?

Green roof shelters have a larger structural load tolerance than our standard shelters to accommodate the additional weight of the green roof. Shelters will also have a deeper roof structure to accommodate the plants. All Turvec Cubic shelters can be installed with a green living roof.

What are the security and format options for the Cubic?

The Cubic is available gated with an internal access aisle for bike parking, multi gated with no internal aisle for direct access to bike parking, and open access with no gates for ease of access.

Can the Cubic be manufactured to any length of width?

The Cubic is a modular system, and we will price based on our modules to suit your requirement. The Cubic modules are based firstly on which rack or stand is used. We will accommodate bespoke requests in some circumstances, please get in touch to discuss.