May 13, 2021
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Why You Should Be Including Folding Bike Lockers

By Jonathan Oldaker

A decade ago a novel idea, folding bikes are now seen on roads and cycle paths up and down the UK.

Brompton bikes, as they’re known to many, are easily folded down into a briefcase shape that’s easily carried up stairs and onboard trains.

The best thing about them? They’re easy to store, occupying a fraction of that space of a regular bike. So, why then would we need folding bike lockers?



Firstly, what are they? Similar to kit lockers, folding bike lockers stack into a compact unit that occupies little space. Three units high and as long as required, they sit flush against the wall.

The lockers can be fitted with different lock types – either key-turn, key-pad, or a latch for padlocks. This means they work securely for office and residential use, but also in public spaces where users can bring their own combination lock.

Each locker holds one folding bike, giving personal storage and additional security.

Folding bike lockers don’t have to be dull either, and come in a range of colours to suit the custom branding of any building or public space. In fact, they often add the biggest splash of colour to a bike store.

Helping attract tenants through good-looking bike parking stores is becoming increasingly important. Folding bike lockers provide both extra amenities while allowing for bright customisable branding.


Arriving at work as a cyclist is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of locking your bike up behind the bins, thankfully.

Instead, dedicated bike stores have been gradually evolving to meet the increasing needs of cyclists.

The great thing about these spaces is they can be tweaked to improve the lives of cyclists. The benefits of active travel for staff are manifold. And for landlords attracting tenants, they’re essential.

By giving a range of bike racks and parking options, you’re able to provide for every cyclist and give them the choice of which bike to commute with.

This is where folding bike lockers come in. Now, the folding bike user doesn’t have to carry their bike up the stairs or take it in the lift. Instead, you can store it in your locker space, before using the showers or kit lockers to freshen up.

For residential developments, you don’t need to run the risk of tyre marks on corridor walls or folding bikes cluttering flats and thoroughfares.

Including folding bike lockers within cycle parking stores adds extra capacity but crucially variation and a better chance you suit every cyclist’s demands.

With folding bikes only increasing in popularity, investing in lockers is a solid way to future proof bike stores, all while adding a splash of colour and the ideal parking solution for folding bike cyclists.

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