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You may be aware that, in addition to my website, I also publish on Substack which has a natty feature called Notes. This is a well kept secret, or so it seems. Notes enable me to post short entries in between blogs, which I have been doing for the past year. However, I have no idea if they are read. I wonder if you knew about them? I love writing Notes as it takes no time at all to put pen to paper on something that is fresh in my mind. In fact, I would like to do several a week and keep you up to speed with happenings in real time. So, it occurred to me to make an audio recording of a selection of entries to give you a taster. I have included stories about my travels in Ireland with the 'mothership', the crazy bureaucracy relocating to Portugal and anecdotes since my arrival. Plus insights, epiphanies and new photos. I hope you enjoy the medley. Please let me know your thoughts in the Comments below.



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