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Fundamental humanity

In a bid to clear the cobwebs from too much driving recently, I set off on a coastal walk this morning at Eyeries, on the Beara Peninsular. It is spectacular! I know I keep using that word, but there really is no other to describe the Irish coast (and hills). The elements were all consuming. The mighty waves crashed relentlessly against the beautiful enduring landscape.

Brightly coloured terraced houses on a hill
Typically Irish, brightly coloured houses of Eyeries

On my way to the coastal path, I walked through the brightly coloured village and called into a few shops. I was reminded that the sweetest people inhabit this land. They are characterised by certain phrases, spoken with sincerity, such as “No bother” and “Thanks a million”. They make eye contact with you when you pass them in the street and say “How are’rrh ya?”, and expect a reply. Similarly, when driving, your presence as a fellow road user, is acknowledged with a raised hand or a nod. How unusual and extraordinary these simple acts are, in our current day and age, where such fundamental humanity has been lost.

Irish hospitality also reveals itself in tiny gardens and sitting areas which appear unexpectedly in the middle of nowhere on country lanes, and in villages too. Painted tables and benches with planted wheelbarrows, flowers and shrubs. I have yet to see anyone tending these magical places, so maybe the fairies are responsible!?

Meanwhile, in the Earth Collective project, synchronistic meetings with like-minded people continue to occur. I went to a gathering of homesteaders yesterday, for the second time and, I have been invited to take part in a lay-line healing ceremony at a coastal castle ruin, this coming week. Such lovely events. In addition, a few more people have expressed interest in participating in the project, which has resulted in some amazing vid-chats.

On the flip side, time has been lost in an unsuccessful search for a suitable place to drop anchor for the ‘ship on wheels’, as there are only a handful of campsites which can accommodate her large size, and there are no sites at all, in the project’s target area. I am currently in a beautiful spot but it’s too far away, hence excessive driving. So, I am looking for somewhere to park for a few months at a private location. This will enable me start searching for land, without constantly being on the move. I feel some cycling coming on, to scout selected areas for both parking and land, which will involve knocking on doors and putting flyers in mailboxes. Nothing like the personal touch!

Relentless waves and timeless land of the Beara Peninsular

Momentum is definitely picking up. However, there are still times when I feel more could be happening. When I find myself in this position, I try to regain a perspective by reviewing progress to date. Last night, was one of these moments. I realised it was only 10 months ago, that I first conceived of the project and started with a blank piece of paper and the question ‘Where do I begin?’ Since then, I have chosen a country and moved there. I have discovered many new contacts, found fabulous people to co-create the project with, sourced professionals including natural builders and eco-architects, narrowed down the target area, continued researching building methods and infrastructure, attuned to rural Irish life and aligned with the land. I have also investigated the thorny issue of applying for planning permission. Of course, each piece of progress, brings many more questions.

I also reminded myself that the Earth Collective project offers me a personal challenge, which is to develop my knowledge and experience of the ‘art of manifestation’. This means following my instinct every step of the way. It’s challenging, as you can only see one or two steps ahead. Constant vigilance is required to notice moments when I verge on losing trust. If that happens, I know I will lose connection to my instinct which is vital for creating the all-important synchronicities. Instinct is the best ‘sat-nav’ we have.

We are all a work in progress. And each of us has our vulnerabilities. We need to become aware of them, in order to avoid tripping ourselves up. Practise makes perfect. The power of thought, energised by heart-felt emotion, is the key to creating what we want in life. Just because it’s invisible, doesn’t mean it doesn’t require practise. Manifestation requires the same effort as any other skill we want to develop, ie. understand the technique, practise often and analyse the results for constant refinement.



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