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Goodbye 'mothership'!

I have had a roller coaster relationship with my home on wheels (fondly named ‘the mothership’) for the past three years. Transitioning from 10 acres to 10 metres in one easy go, was testing to start with. Getting used to the high tech spec’ of my yacht on wheels, and adjusting to life on the move was a steep learning curve. I confess, I struggled. However, I have come to love my shiny white home and now feel entirely ‘at one’ with the micro space which has become my ‘universe’.

Me and the Mothership, my oversized rig and home
A love affair with the mothership!

I have solo-’circumnavigated’ the British coastline with her, spent 8 months exploring the west of Ireland, and written a book on board. I have entertained, cooked, contemplated and created an aesthetically pleasing, harmonic living space, which has become my sanctuary.

Mothership in Wales

In a surprise turn of events, I find myself heading to Portugal to live. So, it’s time to part with my wheels - the beloved Merc truck, as well as the mothership. A new doting owner is required for both.

Love that canopy!

Consequently, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for the data-beast, aka Face Book. Twice on the first day, having researched the groups where ‘fifth wheel’ fans hang out, and posted ads, it expelled me. Why? I have no idea! After endless wasted hours, I created another account and repeated the process. Click here to view the result (see full information and more pictures):

Slide out seating area

If you fancy a life on wheels, or simply holidaying in style, or if know someone else who does, please take a look at the link. Or, feel free to email me via the contact page, and I will respond with information. Thank you.

Bedroom, with fixed king size bed
Bathroom and shower


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