The Ultimate Relationship... and the Earth Collective

Inspiration on steroids

I am spinning in a whirlwind of synchronicity. I feel giddy from the intensity of it. I am surrounded by information I need to assimilate and store for future reference. It reminds me of the heady days of the ‘80s when I started out in London, and set up my longest-running business. I felt like a spinning top, magnetising contacts, information and ideas.

Last week, I finally found somewhere to ‘drop anchor’ (for as long as I want), in the most perfect spot, from the point of view of location as well as aesthetics, slap-bang in the middle of the ‘target area’ for the Earth Collective project. I no longer have to travel over an hour to get to the area several times a week, on tricky Irish roads, which was time consuming and tiring. I am parked next to a beautiful river with the remains of a castle on the other side, and mountains beyond. Marvellous! The ‘mothership’ and I can finally rest.

Stone wall with reeds behind, lake beyond with small chapel to the side
One of the many stunning lakes in West Cork

Nic, an American member of the project, came over for a week and has just left. Showing him around, exploring new locations, visiting stone circles and ancient relics, introducing him to new-found friends and getting to know each other, was the focus of my attention. It was full on. Poor Nic, he also came for a holiday and a rest! Previous to that, I spent a day with another potential member, Donal, who is Irish. We met at Blarney Castle and had a lovely afternoon wandering around the beautiful gardens. It is so exciting to find my tribe, and discover an abundance of those I would call ‘soul family’.

In the same week, I met two eco-architects, a natural builder and more like-minded locals, including homesteaders. I visited some of their homes to see their off-grid solutions, permaculture, energy harmonisation and more. Inspiration on steroids!

A few weeks ago, I went to a gathering of some 100 people, to heal the energy at a key location in the county, that links not only to other sacred places in Ireland but around the world. Dowsing rods read the energy before and after the ceremony, and it changed dramatically. A great result. Much is happening in Ireland to heal the land and the water, which is music to my ears as I know there is a symbiotic relationship between Gaia and humanity. Gaia is conscious and benevolent and she needs our help – not just in ceasing to poison and pillage her, but to restore her energy and vitality too. Her health affects ours. As she evolves, we evolve and vice versa.

Yesterday, I went to a gathering to discuss the formation of a local currency and the creation of a means to trade, peer to peer. This aligns with my vision of community. It’s not enough to simply create your own, no matter how amazing it is. In the chaos of our current world, it’s vital to be part of a larger community in order to share ideas, information, skills, food and collectively create the new world we want to live in - from the ground up. What each of us can do to change our lives may seem small in the scale of things, but if we all do what we can, the sum total of collective change is huge. This is happening across the globe, in an organic way. Grass roots is where it is at. Truly, the power lies with the people.

Loving the view and the energy at the top of a spectacular valley

This week, in between catching up, I have several vid chats lined up – another eco-architect, a bio-geometry expert and a water consultant, also a radio interview and a podcast to do. In addition, I will be out on my bike, knocking on doors looking for intel’ on any land that is coming up for sale.

Let the magic continue.



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