The Ultimate Relationship... and the Earth Collective

Manifesting the unmanifest

This is an important discussion with well-known British astrologer Pam Gregory, on the subject of ‘taking back your power' in the most profound way. By using focused thought, combined with strong positive emotion, it’s possible to create minor (and sometimes, not so minor!) miracles in your life and those of others.

Drawing on examples from personal experience, we talk about how to change the thoughts that hinder us into new patterns of thinking that help us manifest what we want in life. We also exchange views on self-healing, ‘youthing’, spontaneous remission, the power of collective thought, communicating with animals and nature, stretching time, amplifying the benefits of the food we eat, and much more.

These are all themes I have written about in my book ‘The Ultimate Relationship… the one with yourself.’ Claiming our innate power and taking responsibility for ourselves is vital in such dramatic times. I have no doubt this is also the leading edge in evolving human consciousness.


You can find more on my book here, and audio extracts here. The book is available to purchase from online book-sellers. Please use the subscribe button below if you would like me to notify you of all my new content. You can also now follow me on Substack. If you like my work, please spread the word. I don't use social media and rely on word of mouth. Thank you.

Pam Gregory’s website is She is also on YouTube. Pam has a huge following who watch her astrology updates (including me!), which are extremely contemporary and relevent. You can also find her on Facebook. Pam is the author of two books: ‘You don’t believe in astrology, do you?’ and ‘How to co-create using the secret language of the universe’.

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