friendsWe owe an enormous and heartfelt thanks to a number of very special individuals and companies. We are ever inspired by the strength of imagination and integrity in the world around us. Thank you!

We couldn’t be here without these lot!

The Invisible Circus

Pirates of the Carabina

Northern Festivals Network

Theatre & Circus, Glastonbury Festival

Up & Out Network

Arts Council England

Circus City

IA Productions

Shambala Festival


Vik Martin – Website Design and (credited) photography

Claire Wilkins – Lighting Design

Rachael Clarke – Costume

Sarah Fielding – Show Development

Annabelle Holland

Naomi Smyth

Artists, Makers, Volunteers and Darlings.

Ben, Aemon, Grendel, Coco, Bessie & Doctor Boots, Pip, Telva, Phoenix, Mike, Mawgan, Tommy, Henry, Carlos, Gemma, Buelee, Bex, Flee, Vik, Sam, Alex, Joh, Sxi, Ollie and Miriam.