Our Artistic Director Ruby teaches  metalwork and fabrication to young people at our dedicated workshop in central Bristol. Her workshops teach new skills, boost confidence and provide access to power tools in a non-prejudiced environment. This can be particularly beneficial for young women and those who have found other environments too intimidating or unsupportive. Ruby is qualified and experienced in teaching 3D art to young offenders and vulnerable adults.

The aim is to create value around young people’s skills by presenting a visible, public product in the form of a touring performance which presents their work. We offer opportunities for learning and collaboration for people who cannot otherwise afford the training and equipment. We are dedicated to providing life long learning. We assist volunteers to learn professional skills, receive mentorship as well as accreditation for taking part in a publicly performing artwork.

Workshop Hire

The workshop contains personal space for temporary or long term hire in a city centre location. Contact us for fees and details!