The Ultimate Relationship... and the Earth Collective

Moving into our magnificence

Shortly after placing an advert on the Diggers & Dreamers website to attract participants to the Earth Collective Earth project, I was contacted by Lou. It was clear, from the start, that we were on the same page regards aspirations and outlook on life.

Lou told me her remarkable story. She and her family (husband and three teenage boys) were ‘Covid refugees’ from New Zealand. An escalation in draconian and dictatorial legislation had given the government increased powers (as in many other countries). In New Zealand, however, health officers had, for generations, been able to forcibly remove children from their families, who were deemed to be ‘at risk’ and make them wards of the state. While this had largely happened to Māori children, following the introduction of mandates, Lou felt it was only a matter of time before the 'uplifting' of children at risk might be extended (under the vague Covid 19 Bill) to unvaccinated children, in the interests of public health. And, recently, this proved to be the case with Baby Will, a tragedy that attracted world-wide attention. Lou and her husband were mandated out of their jobs for not taking ‘the shot’ and as their boys didn't have it either, they felt there was no alternative but to pack their bags and get a flight out, as soon as travel restrictions were lifted.

They arrived in the UK a few months ago, en route to Ireland where they planned to set up a self-sufficient homestead. This was a long-held dream of Lou’s and a potential silver lining to a dramatic and unpleasant experience. I admire their courage, to leave a wonderful life they had created, to protect their children.

Many vid-chats ensured in the following weeks, swapping notes and making dreams. Lou and her husband have a love of growing food and much experience in this, and in permaculture, as well as building. Lou even packed her precious seeds into her suitcase and brought them with her. Perfect! Those skills are vital to the project and I don’t have them. Also, given my intention to document our progress through blogs and videos, and chart our life and times once the Earth Collective is live, her media-savvy teenagers will be able to reach an important segment of the population that I am not connected with, namely the youth. I don’t imagine they will mind becoming social media stars?!

Various synchronicities arose during our conversations, including both of us identifying the exact same area of Ireland to live in! Synchronicities are part of our intuitive guidance, which I have written about in my book. And I love them.

Finally, last weekend, we met up in person and it was as if we had always known each other. So, from a question I asked myself 5 months ago - ‘What next?’, to the epiphany I had to set up an intentional, self-sustaining eco community, to the heading on a blank piece of paper, ‘How do I do this?’, to the present moment - the project is starting to feel real and take on a life of its own.

Several other people responded to my advert. An Irishman living in Portugal who plans to return to his country of birth and create a woodland community. Although on a different trajectory to me, we had an interesting conversation.

Then a fascinating English man, who was living and teaching in South America, and had been a monk for part of his life. He was thinking of returning to the UK to set up an intentional community. A fab vid-chat confirmed we were on the same page. The conversation left us buzzing and helped him to make his decision. Within 3 days, he was back in the UK! However, when I received a message to say he had just landed and was heading off to buy a tent (in the uber-cold spell we have just had), I realised that, despite specifying in the advert that interested parties would need to make a financial contribution, it was clear he would not be in a position to do this.

Crashing waves on pebble beach in Northumberland
Fabulous Northumberland coastline

A woman also responded. Again, we shared a similar outlook on life, and she had also had prior experience of intentional communities. However, it turned out she was homeless (or ‘houseless’ as she prefers to call it) and sleeping in her car.

I pondered the dilemma presented by these two people. Both had much to offer, but no money. I concluded I should stick to my guns. When the project is fully funded, it might be possible to include a few people who make a non-financial contribution, under a different arrangement. Ironically, the very next chapter I read in Diana Leafe-Christian’s excellent book, ‘Creating a Life Together’ (on why most intentional communities fail and what the rest do right) discussed this very issue and included examples of communities who had accepted a non-paying member into the founding group, to their detriment. Each step of the journey will pose questions, I have no doubt about that.

So, thinking ahead, I plan to go to Ireland to start looking for land next spring. Lou and her family will move over as soon as they can, thereafter. Hopefully, there will be other expressions of interest between now and then. But if not, we will crack on. It takes less imagination when there is something to show, and this will make it easier to attract the right people.

Meanwhile, research continues on all aspects of the project. I have been learning about bio-geometry which plays to my idea of creating a living environment that supports homeostasis, which I have written about previously. Normally, our living environments do the opposite. In addition to the stress of life and the toxic world we live in, unknowingly, our home often hiders our health and well-being. So, we end up expending a lot of energy just trying to stay well and balanced. However, when our home is in harmony with us, we can sustain a state of homeostasis with little effort, freeing up our energy for other things.

The father of BioGeometry in modern times, is architect and Egyptologist, Dr Ibrahim Karim. The principle of this science is that the energy of BioGeometrical shapes interact with the Earth’s energy to produce a balancing effect on the energy fields of all biological systems, including us! I watched a fascinating interview with him (it’s long, so you will have to divide it into chunks) and have since ordered two of his books (‘Back to a future for mankind’ and ‘BioGeometry Signatures’.)

Zero source power, ie. free energy, is another area I have delved into over the years. Shockingly, we seem to have lost a century of technological development. From the time of Tesla, sources of free energy have been kept secret in the interests of perpetuating the profits of established industries and maintaining the power structure of a global alliance of bad actors, who have their reasons for keeping us in the dark. Dr Stephen Greer outlines a number of free energy technologies in this talk.

These bad actors, who aspire to nothing less than ‘full spectrum dominance’ of humankind (a well-documented paradigm that has been in play for a very long time), have excelled themselves in last few years through the controlled demolition of world economies, the erosion of democracy, the desecration of sovereignty, the destruction of the food chain and the grand poisoning of our planet and all who dwell on her (eg. toxic air, water, soil, electrification and pharmaceuticals). Finally though, they are being exposed and, it seems to me, the house of cards is starting to crumble. Once it does, I expect that the advanced technologies which are rightfully ours - for our health, energy, transportation and much more (described by some, as ‘beyond science fiction’), will be restored to us and we will be able to transform our world. Indeed, I imagine the Earth Collective powered by a quantum energy device of some sort.

New bright blue electric bike underneath nose of the 'ship on wheels'
My new electric bike, which has altered the meaning of cycling!

I also signed up for an online course run by Alosha Lynov (which I mentioned in a previous blog) on building a variation of the ‘Earth Ship’. Alosha’s hybrid fuses the Earth Ship concept with permaculture, BioGeometry and protection from harmful electrical fields. The course is on building one of Alosha’s designs called a Wautillarium, created for climates colder than Ireland. Marvellous! This is the style of home I intend to build. The course starts in January, and I am looking forward to gathering more information that will help me design my future ‘house’ - though not as you know it.

Otherwise, I have been reading quite a lot. Some of the books on my diminutive bookshelf aboard the ‘ship on wheels’, include:

‘Hidden truth, forbidden knowledge’, Dr Stephen Greer

‘Geoengineered Transhumanism’, Elana Freeland

‘Unity Field Healing’, John G Ryan, MD

‘Ancient secrets of a master healer’, Clint Rogers PHD

'We will never let you down’ Elena Danaan

‘The women of Lemuria’, Monika Muranyi

‘The new human’, Kryon

‘The invisible rainbow: A history of electricity and life’, Arthur Firstenberg

‘The real Anthony Fauci’, Robert F Kennedy Jnr

‘The truth about contagion’, Tomas S Cowan MD

It feels as if the energy of our times is changing. Understanding what our world has been experiencing and why, and witnessing the ugliness of it, is now giving way to action. It’s time to create a different world -  a world of our choosing. This shift in energy is supported by astrology (Pam Gregory is my go-to source here - I did a video with Pam a couple of months ago). Contrary to what might seem, I believe we are on the cusp of the most profound transformation in history. With that in mind, my mantra for the moment is, ‘We are moving into our magnificence’.


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