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Needs must!

Reluctantly, I am back in the UK, en route to Portugal. I had a testing journey from Ireland, with a mechanical issue that has become dangerous. It’s been lurking in the background since I got the Mothership and the pick-up truck, two and half years ago. But no-one was prepared to take responsibility for solving the problem, and I was pushed from pillar to post with Merc saying the truck was fine and the manufacturer of the rig saying it was fine. So, I bore the stress of the issue myself, trying various workarounds. However, on returning to ‘Mothership HQ’ last week for a service (the rig, not me!), I insisted that they take ownership of the problem, as I bought both the truck and the trailer from them, so it was irrelevant where the problem lay, though it was clear, by now, that it wasn’t the truck. After several days of testing, the consensus was that a fix had been reached, so I set off on the long journey from North Wales to Herefordshire.

Me and the Mothership

I tried not to think about the issue, telling myself it was history and that I could relax. But three and a half hours into the journey, the all too familiar warning light flashed and my heart sank. I wasn’t sure I would make it to my destination though, in the end, I did.

The upshot now, is that I have to go all the way back to HQ next week for more investigations. Utter bummer! I know there is a solution. I have lived my life by the principle that there is a solution for all things. But I can’t deny it has been challenging. Thankfully, I have achieved a state of balance about this and no longer feel the stress.

On the flip-side, whilst I have been in Herefordshire, I have been able to visit my closest friend on several occasions. Vid-chats are no substitute for the real thing. I also resumed cycling, which had been sorely missed in the last few weeks whilst I was on the move. However, play stopped with the freezing conditions. In minus 7, the Mothership struggled to maintain temperature, requiring me to go to bed fully clothed, sporting a woolly hat too! The cold snap also cost me a small fortune in electricity.

Rain followed the freeze, then pea soup fog, so I have been confined to the Mothership. Feeling the need for a physical interlude today, I bit the bullet today and picked up my skipping rope. The only place flat and dry enough to skip was the campsite ladies. Needs must! I have skipped for years as part of my overall fitness and it is an awesome exercise. Having favoured cycling to skipping in the last year though, I felt it prudent to limit myself to 1000 repetitions (executed with great precision in the narrow corridor between the toilets and showers) in sets of 200 and 300, with 10 seconds in between. Skipping works all the muscle groups and exerts your heart and lungs too. It requires total focus to avoid making a mistake, so it’s also a form of meditation. By stepping lightly, concussion is negligible, and the session is done and dusted in no time at all. Marvelous.

On other fronts, I recently changed my operating system from Window to Linux – another small act of defiance against the encroaching data beast, and with the aim of bolstering my own cyber resilience. But it’s taken some doing and ended up being a bit of a project. Talking of projects, before I left Ireland, I did an intensive online course in Biogeometry (the physics of quality) created by Dr Ibrahim Karim. It was utterly astonishing, so much so, that I am going to sign up for the advanced course early in the new year. In a nutshell (though it’s impossible to put it in a nutshell), it’s a scientific way to measure resonance. For instance, personal resonance (including all levels of our being - the aspects we are aware of, and those that we are not). This can then be compared to the frequency of the things in our environment, including our home and the objects in it, and our food and drink, so we can work out what’s good for us and what isn’t.

Back on the bike

Biogeometry is also about creating the energy that is found in sacred power spots, in any and everything in our life, in order to support our well-being. It can be used for healing, design (which I am especially interested for the Earth Collective), enhancing what we eat and drink, as well as neutralising (even harmonising) things that are bad for us, such as the ever-increasing electrical soup we live in, created by communications tech, devices, machines, cars, mobile towers, smart metres and more. It’s based on ancient Egyptian knowledge which Dr Karim has transformed into a modern day format that anyone can use. Quite simply, it’s life-changing. Here is an interview with Dr Karim if you would like to find out more. And here is the website. I am currently reading his books and can recommend the following Biogeometry Signatures and Back to a Future for Mankind.

My next project (yes, there is always a project) is working out the logistics for getting a Portuguese visa and how and when to travel there, so I can get started on the Earth Collective. All are small steps towards the ultimate destination!


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