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Perfect practise makes perfect!

I would like to introduce you to Lou. I have mentioned Lou and her family in a previous blog, and the story of how they came to leave New Zealand, how our paths collided and our vision for the future synchronised. So, I asked Lou to write about where she is at right now, as we start on the path to making our vision for the Earth Collective a reality….

“A week after my 30th birthday, I was holidaying with my best friend in Rajasthan, a trip I had always wanted to do. One evening while we were sipping sundowners, I got a text that my love interest at home had ended our relationship, almost before it had begun. And so ensued a dark night of the soul which culminated in an over-emotional breakdown in the arms of my trusted friend. There was a lot of crying, far more than was warranted from such a superficial, short-lived relationship, which I think in some ways was much more about my perceived loss of a future that hadn’t happened yet and the sense of unfairness. And the ‘why does this keep happening to me?’ question.

The next day in the local market we chanced upon a roadside shrine to Ganesh, the Hindu god of good fortune and abundance. My friend, who at the time was also grieving a loss of her own, stopped unexpectedly to join the small number of devotees in murmuring prayers to the statue. Initially I was impatient and a little awkward but, after a few minutes, I formulated a prayer of my own. I thanked the universe for my fun-filled twenties and my exciting if somewhat turbulent relationships and acknowledged the lessons I had learned. But I stated I was done with the rollercoaster ride, and asserted that I was ready to give up my demands regarding what I did and didn’t want in a life partner and accept that maybe a greater force that I could decide what I needed. The prayer was really my surrender to a higher power, whatever that may be, and a decision to trust it. I channeled it through the conduit of a small Ganesha sculpture I bought - remover of obstacles, bestower of good luck and the deva of intellect and wisdom.

Ten days later, after returning home, I ventured out socially for the first time. The evening resulted in the unexpected opportunity for a dignified closure of the non-starter relationship, which was followed, fifteen minutes later, by an introduction to the man I would marry seven months from then.

I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that neither event was a coincidence. It was my process of surrender, following my instinct and expecting synchronicity that led to manifestation. Meeting the love of my life was a biggie in terms of the degree of manifestation I realised I was capable of. But I have had enough other experiences to know that the universe does not fail you when you ask and trust. For instance, on one occasion, I asked for inspiration to write a book. I was thinking of a childrens’ book. Several nights later, I had the most lengthy and vivid dream (which was unusual for me). It was actually the plot for a fantastic thriller. I have yet to write it and, maybe, I never will. It wasn’t exactly what I had asked for but it was an unmissable response. It left me thinking that if you delegate what is best for you to a higher wisdom, then you allow for the fact that it could bring you something even better than you imagine. Afterall, you don’t know what you don’t know!

I’ve been reminded of the power of synchronicity again lately. After experiencing a turbulent and traumatic couple of years (who hasn’t?), having fled the brutal Covid regime in New Zealand with my husband and three teenage boys, I have been trying to manifest a suitable place to settle, be safe and thrive for the long-term. We are currently in the UK, en route to Ireland. Using strong focused intent, through visualization and meditation, some remarkable potentials for our future have presented themselves, not least the connection with Fiona and her (now our) plans for the Earth Collective – a self-sufficient community in the Emerald Isle. It’s both exciting and affirming.

Something else I have learned, is that a healthy regard for timing is vital. The sad thing about my family’s experiences of the last few years, is that I have become somewhat skeptical and a bit cynical. Even though opportunities are manifesting, I can’t yet shake the anxious feeling that continually gnaws away at me, and makes it harder to navigate day-to-day situations. Is this my intuition trying to tell me something? Or am I tuning into the low frequency, fear-based energy that’s around us all?

Finding a rental home for my family for the immediate future while we plan for the next stage, has proven more difficult than anticipated. We began over a year ago with thoughts of Shropshire, after an old school friend quit the army and bought a farm there. Since then, we have considered potential locations across the whole of the British Isles. A few weeks ago, we finally found a suitable house, agreed a contract and it was all going to plan. Yet I felt uneasy, even when we were given a date to move in. I really liked this place and could see us there, but I couldn’t feel it. And then in fell through, at the very last minute. Did I manifest the negative outcome by being anxious? Or had my intuitive unease been correct? I got straight back on-line to search for another property to rent and, lo and behold, a place appeared that was perfect for us in every way, AND bigger, AND cheaper. It was a farm cottage literally next door to my school friend in Shropshire! This location also happens to be just a few miles from where Fiona is currently based, so we will be able to have face to face discussions about the Earth Collective.

I don’t know, as yet, if we will be successful in our application. But I have instructed every member of my family to visualize us living there (they think I’m mad!). And I have faith that this will complete the circle of the last twelve months in perfect synchronicity. I recognise that the lesson here is one of timing, and of patience and trust. I guess it also won’t hurt to rub the belly on my little bedside Ganesh statue for extra luck.”

What a great story! The concept of manifesting what you want in life, and also a method for doing this, is something I talk about in my book, ‘The Ultimate Relationship… the one with yourself.’ In fact, I recently recorded an audio extract on this very subject. I, too, have proven to myself, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I can consciously create synchronicities which lead to manifesting what I want and need.

Walking on Dartmoor

Lou mentioned her struggle with being pulled ‘off vibe’, and the crucial matter of timing. Staying balanced should be our number one priority, especially in the current times. We need to develop the ability to watch the ‘madness’ that is going on, as dispassionately as possible, as if we are watching a play on a stage. This is necessary for our health and well-being, and also our ability to reason. Restrictions to our freedoms, erosion of individual sovereignty, coercion with the narrative and its dictats, require that ‘we the people’ are kept in a state of perpetual fear. Fear impairs our ability to think clearly and to be analytical. So, it keeps the masses obedient.

Balance is a state without fear, in the knowing that there are solutions to all things. When you are in balance, you are connected to your instinct, which is the best guidance we have. It’s our internal ‘sat-nav’. Instinct gives us the heads up on when to act, so we converge with the information, people and places we need, in order to manifest our creations. This is synchronicity. Conversely, when we are in fear, we lose connection with our instinct, so it is difficult to know which way to turn.

Emotional balance means physical balance. This is essential for good health. When the cells of our body are balanced, by definition, they cannot be in a state of dis-ease. I know all this is easier said than done, a life-time’s work and more, most probably. But we have to start somewhere and, like any new skill we want to develop, practice makes perfect. Or as my rowing coach used to say, ‘perfect practice makes perfect’!

Timing, on the other hand, is about trust and patience. Energizing our thoughts with strong emotion is the engine of manifestation. Afterall, thought has energy which means it has a cause and effect relationship with the world around us. But synchronicity involves other people’s intentions, decisions and actions, and if one link in the synchronistic chain falls away, it must be replaced, or another chain created. So, if something doesn’t manifest quicky, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Losing trust in the process, puts us back into fear. In turn, this creates a self-fulfilling prophecy and we get what we fear, because we attract to ourselves what we are strongly focused on, whether it’s what we want or not. The old adage ‘be careful what you think’ comes to mind. If we expect a repeat of unhappy outcomes to situations, that’s what we will get.

The art of manifestation is a big subject. We all have the power to be conscious creators. But we must discover it for ourselves, as we are not taught it in school. In fact, the innate abilities we are born with, such as instinct (our multi-dimensional connection to all that there is) are frowned upon, and usually socialized out of us at an early age. Now, more than ever, is the time to reclaim our power and take charge of ourselves and our lives.  


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