The Ultimate Relationship... and the Earth Collective

Talking to your food

I have thought a lot about what I eat over the years, because it’s the easiest way to support my health. I consider my food to be ‘medicine’. So, I cook everything from scratch, eat organic as far as possible and consume a large amount of raw fruit and veg’ (I am vegetarian these days) and I use supplements, where necessary. But, more than that, I believe you can turn all your food into superfood by using the power of thought. I explain how, in this audio. You can find out more about my book ‘The Ultimate Relationship... the one with yourself. Insights and epiphanies of a 21st century woman', here.


The picture is a goat cheese and tomato omelette with spinach. If you would like me to notify you of all my new posts, please use the Subscribe button below. You can also now follow me on Substack, where I will post extra content, from time to time. If you like my work, please help me to spread the word. I don't use social media and rely on word of mouth. Thank you.

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