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An unusual way to network

Life has continued at pace in the last few weeks, pushed along by powerful astrological influences acting as a catalyst for change. Having narrowed down the target area in my search for land for the Earth Collective project, I have now cycled every square inch of the preferred valley, put mail drops in all the letter boxes I could find and accosted unsuspecting farmers and other residents going about their business, as to any intel’ they may have regards land for sale. I think I am becoming known as the ‘blow-in on the blue bike’ (blow-in being Irish terminology for non-indigenous resident, or would-be resident). And I have met some very interesting people, both Irish and ‘other’, as a result.

I have learned about the culture of the valley, too. Most land, it seems, is owned by families who share the same surname, but who are not necessarily related - very confusing! The land has stayed in these families for many years, which is one of the reasons, I suspect, the valley is so unspoiled. On the flip-side, people are reluctant to sell. I am told it verges on insulting to ask, as the perceived implication is ‘do you think we need the money?’ One well-meaning Irish man asked if I was married, and when he found out I was not, he said in all seriousness, that my best strategy would be to marry an aging farmer, and he would be happy to make a few introductions!

Close up of a yellow lily in a pond
Yellow water lilly in the gardens of a local cafe

I also met a number of ex-pats, who despite having lived in the valley for 25-30 years, are still considered as blow-ins. One family, originally from South Africa, lived up a hidden track. They had an interesting story to tell and had created a forest garden full of water features and inventions - a cross between natural art and a science laboratory.

Another lady I stumbled across, was working at the end of an equally remote track, at a fish farm. When she heard about my project, she told me she had just finished a six year building project herself. She took me up the road to see it. Her house was amazing. And even more amazing was the fact, that in her 70s, she had built every square inch of it herself! Pictures of horses adorned the walls, which prompted me to ask about her connection with the equestrian world. To my surprise and amazement, I discovered that she had been the Chief Steward (a highly prestigious position) at many top international equestrian events, the likes of Badminton Horse Trials. What synchronicity to have met this incredible woman in a remote Irish valley?! An immersive conversation on all things equestrian ensued, of course.

I cycled past another woman, sitting on a rock in a field. She was observing her three horses who grazed nearby, against a stunning backdrop of a lake and hills. I stopped to enquire about her horses (as there aren’t many in the area) and a conversation stuck up. It turned out we shared an interest in horse behaviour, a subject we had both studied. I bumped into her again a few days later, and she introduced me to her husband who was born and bred in the valley. It turns out he might be able to help me track down some of landowners I would like to speak to, having spotted a few tracks of land that could suit my project.

Colourful vegetables in a wicker basket
A basket of food given to me on a visit to a local homesteader

And up yet another no through track, I stumbled across a couple who came to Ireland many years ago to set up a collective eco community, an early iteration of my project. It was successful for a while but, sadly, has long since fallen apart. However, what they have done on their land is an inspiration and their expertise may well be useful for the Earth Collective project. Another wonderful synchronicity and people I now count as friends. Cycling is an incredible way of getting to know an area, as you see so much living detail and never know who you will bump into. Who would have thought it’s such a good way to network?

Meanwhile, I spent much of last week with a couple who are interested in joining the Earth Collective. They came to Ireland to meet me, take a look at the area and generally soak up the Irish vibe. They choose the best weather, and we had some glorious day trips.

Otherwise, I have continued to network with like-minded people. I am so fortunate to have found my tribe, who I learned only discovered each other during the madness of the last few years. One social event I attended morphed into a discussion about starting an informal trading network, which will take the form of a Private Members’ Association. The idea is that people will meet on a weekly basis to buy food, using a variety of payment methods such as barter, cash, crypto and silver. Most people in the group are already growing their own organic produce and making food products, so it’s really just an extension of this theme. Talk also continued about establishing an alternative local currency. One option I favour is based on the Dutch Florin, a proven and successful model.

A few days ago, I was invited to supper with a new friend and her family, to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I come from a Jewish background, though I rejected the religion as soon as I could talk! It was a lovely meal, with no religion in sight.  

I have also visited more homesteaders to see what they have built, how they are growing food and powering their homes. And all are drinking their own water (which is plentiful in Ireland, as you can imagine). It’s as pure as it gets when you can capture it oozing straight out of the rocks, not having been exposed to the toxic nanoparticles that, sadly, fill our skies now. I had a borehole on my farm in Wales which gave me control over water for me and my animals, and I loved it. While I have been on the road, I have not had control of my water which has been a concern. Consequently, I have done much research into how you purify and enhance drinking and bathing water and I now use a variety of means to do this. Water is a critically important facet of health, which I discussed in a recent video interview with water expert, Jeremy Jones.

Shells decorating the top of a stone wall
Shells decorating the top of a wall

Water toxicity comes from many sources, including the harmful chemicals put into the mains drinking supply. But much now comes from the sky in the form of aerosols sprayed from airplanes. This is part of relentless geoengineering used for multiple purposes, including weather control, toxifying the earth, animals, people, crops and water and creating a ‘plasma goo’ (very different to clouds), for maximum conductivity of directed energy weapons (DEW), as I understand it. But that’s a whole other story and not something I write about in my blogs.

On a different note, I can’t believe how quickly summer has disappeared. From the hottest week of the year, last week, to feeling autumninal and cold this week. And from the longest day of the year (when it was light until 11pm in Ireland) to now, where it is dark by 8.30. Soon, it will be the shortest day and dark at 4.30. This is not something I look forward to. When you live on wheels, it’s a long time to be shut up in a small space. This is my third winter on the move. But I can see a time, in the not too distant future, when the ‘mothership’ will be replaced by an ‘earthship’, and I can’t wait!


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