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The limit of enjoyment

I am loving my new e-bike. I have had it for about a month. My one and only previous bike, was a beloved Dawes Lady Galaxy, which I bought 42 years ago to get around London when I was studying there – a cheaper alternative than paying for an annual travel pass. It was the best bike I could afford and it served me well. However, in my travels of the last 18 months, the hills in Wales, Devon and elsewhere, have proved to be too much for us – the bike, with its limited range of gears which were no match for 20% hills, and me (despite a high level of residual fitness from decades of training), screaming muscles were pain beyond what I wanted to endure. So, I resigned myself to part cycling and part pushing the bike up the hills from hell. This meant finding one route, wherever I was located, which was least tortuous and sticking to it.

The blue beauty!

I think, in part, I have viewed cycling as fitness training, rather than for the pleasure of seeing the countryside – a hangover from excessive physical training, that made me reluctant to consider an e-bike which could be construed as ‘cheating’. There was another consideration, too. Having done much research on the harms of electrical fields, I didn’t want to be sitting in one!

However, when I had two punctures in less than two weeks, and a slashed tyre on the Galaxy with its petite tyres, I decided it was time to look for a more substantial bike. And just for fun, I tried an e-bike at the local shop. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took me up a ridiculous Welsh hill in no time at all, like a pulling steed. So, there was no turning back. The Galaxy was donated to a doting new owner, and I went shopping.

After trying a few more bikes and considering the pros and cons of different weights, sizes, battery ranges and styles, I settled on the blue beauty pictured. I haven’t been out as often as I would have liked, as the weather has been relentlessly appalling, but I passed the 100 mile mark today, on a sunny Boxing Day ride. Marvellous!

Other benefits of the new wheels include putting less strain on my shoulders and arms. The handlebars are straight, as opposed to the drop handlebars of the Galaxy which aggravated old injuries every time I cycled. Also, being able to go further is a big plus, tackle any incline (bring it on!) and the enjoyment of endlessly different scenic routes. I imagine I resemble a Cheshire cat when I am riding, due to the ear to ear grin! I am still getting a work-out but now I can choose how much energy I expend, rather than having to expend every last drop. And that’s the point. Finally, my psyche has changed from ‘the limit of my endurance’ to ‘the limit of my enjoyment’ (which I have yet to find). That’s also a metaphor for the transition I have been going through in the last few years, from the previous version of me, to the new one!

I mentioned my concern about the electrical field emanating from the bike’s battery. In fact, when I scanned the bike with my Trifield gauss metre, there was also a large field coming from the display. I am mitigating these with one or more of the devices I have acquired in the last few years, to protect me from ever-increasing amount of ‘electro-smog’ in our world and our living environments. Some operate by strengthening our body's subtle energy and electrical fields (the heart, brain and nervous system are all electrical), so we remain balanced when exposed to harmful electric-magnetic frequencies (EMF), whether from wiring, wi-fi, a washing machine, a router, TV, computer, electric car, blue-tooth device, smart metre, phone or 5G mast etc. Other devices make the incoherent fields generated by these devices, coherent thus rendering them harmless. This is quantum physics and there is scientific evidence to back it up. However, there are also plenty of devices on the market that don’t do what they say, so careful research is required.

A bike locked to a white metal structure with water behind on edge of Scottish loch
Previous beloved

The life-threatening harms of EMF is another topic we are not told about, due to the vested commercial and other interests of the ‘unholy alliance of bad actors’ I have mentioned previously. As I understand it, there are over 2000 peer-reviewed studies on the harms of EMF, probably more peer-reviewed studies than in any other area of science. Mitigating the effects of electrical fields is an important consideration for the Earth Collective, too. So, I will be talking about it again in the future. Meantime, here are links to some of the gadgets I personally use:

Centre for Implosion Research

Essential Energy

BioGeometry Europe


If you like reading, ‘The Invisible Rainbow: a history of electricity and life’ by Arthur Firstenberg, is an essential introduction to the subject.

A good starting point for more information, in general, on EMF and the practical measures you can take to protect yourself, is Children’s Health Defence (CHD), where you can find articles and videos.

Sadly, real education today is what we research and discover for ourselves. It’s a sorry state of affairs that important information about health (and much more) isn’t taught in schools. It shouldn’t be this way, and I am certain it will change in the future. EMF is one of the many ‘rabbit holes’ we need to explore, in order to bring awareness and discussion into the public arena. Knowledge is power and it enables us to take back control and change our world.


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