The Ultimate Relationship... and the Earth Collective

The science of spirituality

Introducing this discussion with Ulrike Granögger, I explain that I have always believed spirituality is science that is not yet understood. I came to this realisation through my personal (and practical) experience of using thought to instruct my body to heal, talking to my food to leverage the nutrition, using quantum psychology to amplify my fitness training, honing my intuition to make better decisions, making time stretch to fit the tasks, and to manifest the things I needed. I have written a book about my experiences, insights and epiphanies called, ‘The Ultimate Relationship… the one with yourself’. My journey also led me to realise that human evolution (and the solutions to many of our problems), in fact, depends on the union of science and spirituality.

My guest, Ulrike Granögger from the Academy For Future Science, is equally passionate about the convergence of science and spirituality, though she comes at it from the opposite perspective to me, namely science. Ulrike lectures on Future Science, based on astonishing discoveries (both contemporary and historic), which are largely hidden from public view. She also presents this information in a Future Science series on The Solari Report. Her journey started with a book called "The Keys of Enoch", which offers keys of empowerment to humanity. The Keys were given to the author, in person, from two cosmic beings of higher intelligence in the 1970s. They represent a blueprint for humanity’s transition into higher consciousness, that will move us towards our cosmic purpose and destiny.

The Keys explain that a greater unity can (and must) occur between scientific and spiritual pathways, in order to solve the problems of earth. The information was provided to change our orientation, so we are prepared for this advancement and the quantum shift that will move us towards the next evolutionary step. The book also foretells that, at the right time, we will discover our greater family – beings of higher intelligence in the universe, who share the same divine source as us.

Ulrike and I engage in a wide-ranging discussion which includes: DNA as antennae with electro-magnetic and acoustic properties, which respond to waves of quantum information, rather than merely being made of biology and chemistry; how cosmic energies such as magnetic fields and solar waves affect the programming of our DNA; the notion that time is conceptual and has an attribute of quality, as well as quantity; that we are beings of light, connected to each other and the cosmos; that our cells are built on an architecture of sacred geometry; the importance of attuning to the consciousness of the planet; and that humanity receives help from advanced cosmic intelligence and has done for millennia.

The conclusion we reach is that we are on the cusp of a new dawn, where the merger of science and spirituality offers a leap forward in our understanding of the world, the cosmos and our place in it.

We have lost a century of evolution since Tesla’s immortal words, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Now is the time to catch up.


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