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The third language

Yesterday, I recorded an interview with Ritchie Allen, a much loved Irish podcaster who is based in the UK. His shows are a source of intel’ for me on all things Irish, but he also calls out what’s happening underneath broader news stories in his inimitable ‘no holes barred’ style, accompanied by that lovely Irish lilt and a wicked sense of humour. Unsurprisingly, he has a large following worldwide.

This opportunity came about through a piece of synchronicity, which fitted the vibe I have been manifesting to rebuild a media presence. I had one a long time ago, when I was in the financial sector, but I am starting again from scratch now. The reason is to be able to share my life insights with others, based on ideas expressed in my book, because it’s vital that we harness our personal power to change our lives and the world, at this key moment in human history. Also, because I want to share the Earth Collective journey, in order to offer guidance to others who may wish to do similar.

So, one lovely summer’s day, at an Irish folk and cultural festival near Cork, I bumped into Jeananne. It was clear from the start, that we were on the same page. Jeananne came from a high end professional background in London, which she ditched over 20 years ago, to live remotely in Connemara. She shares with me, the journey from city professional to semi-feral, and continues to be a mover and shaker in the different life she has now created. On the basis of a 15 minute conversation, she got in touch with her friend Richie Allen, and suggested (urhh, ‘instructed’) him to have me on his show. Thank you, Jeananne.

Richie said he welcomed the opportunity to go off-piste and talk about ‘all things esoteric’. Perfect! Given a choice of dates for the interview, I opted for the Summer Solstice, thinking it might be auspicious. However, technical gremins obstructed, and after a lovely introduction from Richie on the live programme, the response from me was a big fat nothing, as there was no sound. We tried various fixes while Richie played music, all to no avail. Poor Richie was left high and dry having to instantly dream up a plan B, while I let out excess energy on the end of a skipping rope. We regrouped the following day and did a test a few hours before the live time. The interview proceeded without any hitches. A huge sigh of relief from both of us. And, no doubt, the delay was significant in some magical way!

Lough Leane, Killarney National Park

As Richie hadn’t given me a steer on what he wanted to talk about, my preparation was to remind myself about the concept of practical spirituality I had written about in my book. When you have integrated certain key practises into your life, you tend to forget how you arrived at them and I didn’t want to be caught umming and arhhing! Most importantly, though, I needed to get my energy in the right place, which is not always easy. I am pushed and pulled by the stuff of life, not to mention the toxicity of the crazy world we live in, just like everyone else. It threatens my equilibrium daily. So, I have developed the ability to sense where my balance is, and I have a toolkit I can draw on, to rectify it when it is off.

Past experience has taught me that nerves are usually associated with performance, which means the nerves are associate with ego, ie. they centre around a concern of letting yourself or others down. So, what I find works best is to place my focus on sharing information that will offer insight and inspiration to others, to help them become more of who they really are, and make positive changes in their lives and the world around them. I am only there because I have had a head start and have something to say based on my personal experience. (There is a story in my book about how this approach came about, based on a live mainstream news interview I did, many years ago.)

I also invite my spiritual support group (ie. higher self, guides, cosmic ‘groupies’), to pile in and help me find the best words and ideas to express. So, you can imagine, the RV was crowded!

Once you lock onto this vibe, a special energy is created. It’s a ‘third language’. There is verbal and non-verbal communication and then there is the language of energy. This means that even when the listener does not fully understand the words, they can receive the information via the energy behind the words. This is what I discovered and honed, as a result of hundreds of talks and interviews I gave (possibly in excess of a thousand), in the early part of my professional life. It applies on a one-to-one basis too, eg. if you are mentoring someone, or just want to help a friend or family member. It’s powerful stuff. But I am out of practise, so it took a bit of remembering to get back into the groove.

The interview went well. We covered a lot of ground but there is always much more to say - hopefully, another time. A big thanks to Richie for being the ‘host with the most’ and for making me welcome, and to his fabulous listeners for the interest they expressed via questions and comments.

Click here to listen to the interview, which starts at around 29 minutes.


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