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Wake up and smell the... pooh!?

Oh boy, there is a lot of it, all around us. In the current ‘madness of our world’, everywhere you look, there are piles of it. On the one hand, it’s important to know what’s going on, as long as you use reliable, independent sources of information (some of the sources I use are listed below), and abstain from mainstream media which is, sadly, ‘captured’ and fictitious. Once you start looking, though, it’s endless, so be careful to gauge just how much information you need. As a seeker of the truth (in all things), I like a lot of information. I also find it fascinating and somewhat addictive, trying to join the never-ending dots. We have been so misled, all of our lives on almost everything, that it is a question of re-educating ourselves, if we are minded to do so. But that’s a whole other story. Of course, so much of what is out there is ugly and dark. But knowledge is power and it enables us to take practical steps to safeguard ourselves, whilst we live through the turbulence. Also, knowing what doesn’t work, helps us to decide what we want in the brave new world that will inevitably emerge, and play our part in creating it.

On the other hand, for our sanity, it’s vital to view what’s happening as dispassionately as possible, to avoid being consumed by fear and sliding into the abyss, where we won’t be much use to ourselves or others. For my part, I imagine sitting in a theatre, watching a play on the stage. Astrologer, Pam Gregory, in our recent discussion, told me she favours the idea of watching the world from her eagle’s perch.

view of green and rich rolling Welsh hills with big oak tree in foreground
Stunning Welsh countryside

In any event, vigilance is required to retain our equilibrium in testing times, and avoid being overcome by a sense of hopelessness. This is the slippery slope we need to guard against, as it will adversely affect our life. Our dominant vibe acts like a giant antenna and draws experiences to us, that match it. It’s classic ‘law of attraction’. Furthermore, unless we maintain a reasonable degree of equilibrium, we won’t be able to use the power of our thought to project into the ether, the alternate vision of the world we wish to manifest. Pam and I talked about the physics of how this actually works in our discussion, and I have written about it in my book, ‘The Ultimate Relationship… the one with yourself’.

Of course, it’s not just what’s happening in the wider world that affects our vibe, it’s also the ‘stuff of life’ that drags us down. So, I have a personal discipline of checking in with myself multiple times a day (dozens, if I am feeling particularly challenged), because the sooner I become aware that I am off-balance, the sooner I can do something about it. I also have a tool box of quick-fixes I can draw upon in the moment. Here is one example.

A few days ago, I set off for a walk in the countryside. I had a lot of things going on in my mind and needed to create some space in my head and perspective. After a while, I checked myself and noticed I was extremely tense in certain parts of my body, which routinely clamp up when I am out of balance.

Me in peaked cap leaning against a fence with Welsh hills in background
Mo-jo restored!

Affirmations are an important tool in my box. They are a great way to reframe your thoughts when you need a quick about-turn around. They also act as a launching pad to change inappropriate long-term patterns of thinking and behaving that sabotage us, and keep us in a cycle of repeating experiences. The rule of thumb is - affirmations should be short, simple and present tense. (I have covered this in my book, and there is also a podcast you can listen to, on the theme of ‘Narrating your life'.)

It's easy to create affirmations when you need them and, for me, it’s a bonus if they rhyme. In fact, I have a note-book full of them, from the past few months alone. Each is my focus for a day or two. Later on, I sometimes flick back through the notebook and choose one I might need to review.

On this occasion, the affirmation that came to mind was ‘I am resident and I am resonant’. It was about being resident in my body (not just my mind) and being resonant with the world around me, which included the birdsong, the blue sky, the wind, the sun and the sheep grazing in the field. Much less tension, phew! And within a few minutes, no tension at all. Balance restored. The discomfort was short-lived, and that’s the point. The only question is, how long do we allow ourselves to wallow in discomfort, before taking action?


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Some reliable sources of independent information I use about what’s happening in our world: UK Column; The Solari Report; The Corbett Report; The Defender; Truth Comes to Light; Corona Investigative Committee; Whitney Webb

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